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{ Monthly Archives } March 2009

support your neighborhood Thunderbird global database

Do you know JavaScript?  Would you like to help improve Thunderbird and its exciting global database, gloda?  Now is your chance!  Check out these exciting bugs that are reasonably sized and independent tasks: Index non-offline messages.  Currently, gloda only indexes messages that are available offline. Show indexing status in the activity manager.  Is gloda indexing […]

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using review board for bugzilla request queues / reviews

Review board is a delightful django-based review tool.  Whereas bugzilla’s diff display is limited to taking the provided diff and coloring hunks without additional context, review board actually retrieves the underlying files from mercurial, applies the patch, colorizes the source files (using pygments), and thus can give you additional context.  Also, it allows you to […]

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understanding libmime using chroniquery and unit tests

Mailnews’ libmime is one of the harder modules to wrap one’s head around.  8-letter filenames where the first four letters tend to be “mime”, home-grown glib-style OO rather than actual C++, and intermingling of display logic with parsing logic do not make for a fun development or even comprehension experience. Running an xpcshell unit test […]

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gaudily colorized gdb backtraces! woo!

Like many people who have overdosed on syntax highlighting and other forms of colorization, my brain is no longer able to process monochrome text displays.  Which is why I have been so excited about gdb with python crammed inside.  (The good sense of “crammed”, wherein one is cramming cookies in one’s mouth.)  I have perverted […]

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