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Visualizing Blogs

A step sideways

This seemed like a better idea in my head: What is it? It’s a variant on the blog visualization below from this post, but using crescent/lune slices instead and with no sustain (aka, if there’s no data point, we don’t draw anything). It self-normalizes so that the maximum value range takes up a full 180 […]


Blog vis with trendy stacked linechart

So, motivated by recent prettiness (C26000’s Extra Stats ‘Wave Graph‘ and its inspiration Lee Byron’s Layered Histogram, which also reminds me of the fundamentally different but visually close-enough IBM Research/ViĆ©gas/Wattenberg’s history flow), I have put in some preliminary aggregation logic and a ‘stacked linechart’ visualization. It’s quite the poor cousin to Lee Byron’s stuff, […]


A return to blog visualization, kinda

A visualization of the shoutbox traffic on since the dawn of time or the blog, whichever came later. Colors are defined by the ‘shouting’ user (hue), the linearly scaled log of the word count of the contents (saturation), and a constant for value to get darker lines. So ‘brighter’ colors = longer shouts and […]