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{ Monthly Archives } March 2010

who is starring Firefox tinderbox failures and how long before they do?

Using the accumulated data in my CouchDB instance about the Firefox tinderbox and Protovis, we can see how long it takes before a testfailed/busted build gets starred and who stars it.  The horizontal axis is the number of minutes between the end of the build and when it gets starred.  If someone stars the build […]

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more systemtap mozilla event loop awareness

====================                                             ms    # —– Event Loop: nsInputStreamReadyEvent                                      7119   11 —– Input Events: nsInputStreamPump                                            7119   11 —– Pump Events: thunk:nsNNTPProtocol::QueryInterface(…)                    7119   11 ====================                                             ms    # —– Event Loop: nsInputStreamReadyEvent                                      6284   15 nsTimerEvent                                                  242  123 —– Timers: nsUITimerCallback                                             121    2 —– Input Events: nsInputStreamPump                                            6284   15 —– Pump Events: thunk:nsNNTPProtocol::QueryInterface(…)                    6283   15 As of late, I’ve noticed […]

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Thunderbird ĝLȬdÅ full text search tokenizer now supports accent folding, non-ASCII case-folding, and more!

Thanks to the efforts of Makoto Kato (jp-blog en-blog twitter) whom you may remember as the bringer of CJK bi-gram tokenization, I have just pushed tokenizer support for case-folding, accent-folding, and voiced sound mark magic to comm-central.  The net result is that searches for “ĝLȬdÅ” will now find “gloda” and vice versa.  Less crazy searches […]

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partial: posting pymake data/results to a couch

What it does: Adds a “–couch-json” option to bsmedberg‘s pymake that takes a URL that crams the state of (global, non-rule associated) variables into a couch document for each makefile context executed.  Variables are grouped by general origin as well as specific Makefile origin where relevant.  The code as it stands only tells you about […]

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emacs compilation-mode support for reviewboard

Let’s say you’ve suckered someone into performing their review in my review board install (more info).  It looks pretty, no?  As the Amish say: ‘Tis a fine web page, but sure ’tis no emacs buffer, English. Get your reviewboard-viewer.el here (repo here).  It basically just wgets the review with paths in a format the GNU […]

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Tinderbox results in bugzilla, jetpack times 2, CouchDB, review board

mstange‘s Tinderboxpushlog is awesome.  You know it, I know it, the many people whose sanity has been saved by it know it.  It is a fantastic improvement on checking the tinderbox; it lets you know the current state of the tree, the recent history of the tree, and how these things are correlated with recent […]

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