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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

non-infuriating indentation with emacs and js2-mode with require.def asynchronous module definition CommonJS boilerplate

Classic CommonJS modules assume a synchronous execution environment (for the purposes of “require”) with a specialized loader mechanism that evaluates the module in its proper context and takes care of namespacing it.  If you want to use CommonJS modules in the browser you can either: Leave the source code as it is and use an […]

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Documentation for complex things (you don’t basically already understand)

The Problem One of my focuses at MoMo is to improve the plight of Thunderbird extension developers.  An important aspect of this is improving the platform they are exposed to.  Any platform usually entails a fair amount of complexity.  The trick is that you only pay for the things that are new-to-you, learning-wise. The ‘web’ […]

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