Rev Control

Most new stuff I do is now on my github page; many things from my hg user repo have also been migrated there:

But there is still a lot of stuff at my hg repo:

All my older stuff (which I did try to enumerate) can be found as follows:

All currently used revision control mentioned here lives under; everything is in bzr now. Under that dir are project-names which hold actual bzr branches. There is no shared-repository stuff going on, everything’s a straight-forward branch.

  • chronicle-recorder
    • visbrero-base: The chronicle-recorder trunk with some stuff deleted that shouldn’t be there (suggested for inclusion in svn trunk.)
    • visbrero-valgrind-patches: [visbrero-base] (taken from valgrind trunk) glibc2.6 support, -fno-stack-protector
    • visbrero-niceties: [visbrero-valgrind-patches] build chronicle-query -O0 instead of -O2, so far.
    • visbrero-feat-lookup-compilation-units: [visbrero-niceties] my lookup-compilation-unit patch
    • visbrero-feat-support-debian-debug-packages: [visbrero-niceties] trivial patch to allow -dbg packages on debian/ubuntu to be recognized by chronicle-query
    • visbrero-integration: [visbrero-niceties] merge all feature branches into a single branch.
  • chroniquery
    • trunk
  • visophyte (visterity is in here)
    • trunk
  • visotank
    • trunk
  • posterity
    • visbrero-posterity: my changes to make visterity work. these are all currently ugly, but I will strive to push everything back upstream in a fashion that benefits posterity