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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

Review Board and Bugzilla reviews, take 2.

Last time I played with Review Board and bugzilla request queues things were great for me, but no one else.  I had to create an account for you on the instance, add you to my script that synchronizes request queues, run the script, and then keep running the script periodically.  Not to mention there wasn’t […]

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Using BugXhibit to find that bug you know you saw recently but can’t find

BugXhibit, the Bugzilla search results viewer made with the SIMILE Exhibit widget, is now more fancy, and now addresses another one of my use cases.  I frequently find myself wanting to point someone at a bug, or go back to a bug that I know passed through my bugmail recently, and have trouble finding it.  […]

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DevMoXhibit: Exhibit on DevMo (Deki Wiki) results

The above screenshot is of a normal search query on DevMo for “customize toolbar”.  I see 2.5 results, and I honestly have no interest in the first item at all.  (It’s a page that only advanced DevMo authors would care about, for those who refuse to squint or click on images to see bigger versions […]

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