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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

Thunderbird full-text search prototype a la SQLite FTS3

Full-text search using FTS3. Full-text search with a contact constraint. The global database sqlite file resulting from indexing all of is about 13M for something like 4500 messages.  We’re providing FTS3 with the bodies (but not attachments!) of all the newsgroup messages and the subjects of the messages which initiate new threads.  For real […]

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Thunderbird contact auto-completion… with bubbles!

Type type type type.  Autocomplete contact… Completed contact becomes a bubble!  Bubble becomes a constraint, showing us only the messages involving the given contact.  (The idea is that you could then click on/select/whatever the bubble and change the constraint to be only to/from/cc/whatever if you are so inclined.) Type type type, autocomplete, new constraint!  Now […]

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