test-case-mode support for jetpack unit tests in emacs

Use Jetpack?  Occasionally write unit tests so you won’t be a complete hypocrite when criticizing other people’s code?  Think that picture up above looks more useful than this?:

error: fail: list contents ("4,5,6,7" != "3,4,5,6,7")
info: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/timer.js", line 57, in notify
    this._callback.apply(null, []);
  File "resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/unit-test.js", line 257, in anonymous
    timer.setTimeout(function() { onDone(self); }, 0);
  File "resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/unit-test.js", line 282, in runNextTest
    self.start({test: test, onDone: runNextTest});
  File "resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/unit-test.js", line 300, in start
  File "resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/unit-test.js", line 57, in runTest
  File "resource://wmsy-wmsy-tests/test-vs-static.js", line 37, in anonymous
    slice.seek(6, 2, 2);
  File "resource://wmsy-wmsy-lib/wmsy/viewslice-static.js", line 51, in anonymous
    this._list.slice(this.bufLow, this.bufHigh));
  File "resource://wmsy-wmsy-tests/test-vs-static.js", line 31, in anonymous
    "list contents");
  File "resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/unit-test.js", line 229, in assertEqual
  File "resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/unit-test.js", line 147, in fail

Then do I have an .el for you!  This lives here.  You mileage may vary and may involve things catching on fire which can, in turn, affect your mileage.

(clicky.visophyte.org-hosted CouchDB services offline)

This means doccelerator and my Tinderbox scraper that chucked stuff into a CouchDB for exposure by a modified bugzilla jetpack.  Either couch went crazy or someone gave it a request that is ridiculously expensive to answer with a database the accumulated size of the tinderbox database.  I’m not aware of any trivial ways to contend with the latter.  Judging by the logs, it looks like 2 people other than myself used these services, so, my apologies to those cool, insightful, forward-looking individuals.

The specific services are probably not coming back.  doccelerator is being subsumed into something else that better meets documentation needs and will be more fully baked, more on that soon.  I got the impression at the summit that the tinderbox problem is in hand, or very close to someone’s hand; maybe one of those robot grabby-arm things is involved?  My reviewboard with bugzilla hacks instance is sticking around for the time being, but I think wheels are turning elsewhere in Mozilla on that front too, so hopefully my install is mooted before it falls over.

Lest there be any doubt, all clicky services are provided on a self-interested basis… I am happy when they benefit others, but I do these things for the benefit of my own productivity/sanity and they are hosted using my own resources.  (While I had higher hopes for doccelerator, the MoMo-resourced couchdb service provisioning never happened so doccelerator never got pushed public with nightly updates because of said clicky resource constraints.)