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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

work-in-progress tooling: feeding GWT SpeedTracer systemtapped mozilla performance data

Now that Thunderbird 3.1 is string/feature-frozen it’s time to focus on performance.  This post is just to make sure that people who are also working on similar things know what I’m up to.  For example, there’s some very exciting work going on involving adding a startup timeline to mozilla-central that everyone keeping up-to-date with mozilla […]

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a systemtap script to attribute JS string memory costs to the creating JS functions

—– js_GC data pages: 96731 total vm pages: 234849 ### KiB 11376 839 BF_format log4moz.j:487 15906 725 mime_emitter_writeBody jsmimeemitter.j:381 148 576 MimeMessage_coerceBodyToPlaintext mimemsg.j:341 4460 492 gloda_ds_queryFromQuery datastore.j:2988 9655 387 <MYSTERIOUS> <BEYOND THE VEIL>:0 911 237 gloda_content_quoted connotent.j:267 1723 144 gloda_indexMessage index_msg.j:2597 187 141 gloda_content_content connotent.j:290 170 108 gloda_content_getContent connotent.j:166 1917 73 gloda_identity_toString datamodel.j:785 1775 69 […]


performance annotated SQLite EXPLAINation visualizations using systemtap

For the Thunderbird 3.1 release cycle we are not just fixing UX problems but also resolving various performance issues.  Building on my previous work on a visualization of SQLite opcode control flow graphs using graphviz I give you… the same thing!  But updated to more recent versions of SQLite and integrating performance information retrieved through […]

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