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{ Monthly Archives } February 2009

dxrpy with references against mailnews, plus bespin wishes

bsmedberg‘s dxrpy likes to generate documentation using dehydra (bsmedberg’s blog posts on this: 1 2).  I have added support for references/referencedBy extraction and otherwise wailed on it a little bit, and run this against JUST comm-central’s mailnews/ directory.  The collection process is still strictly serial, and there’s a lot of stuff in mozilla-central/comm-central, which is […]


visualization of control-flow/data-flow analysis of sqlite EXPLAIN-ations

While doing some work on the gloda-based search targeted for beta 2, I came upon some query slowness and decided to look into it.  Because gloda queries are (conceptually, at least) dynamic, we also generate dynamic SQL.  Our schema is fairly normalized, and it’s not always obvious to me what I can expect to have […]

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