support your neighborhood Thunderbird global database

Do you know JavaScript?  Would you like to help improve Thunderbird and its exciting global database, gloda?  Now is your chance!  Check out these exciting bugs that are reasonably sized and independent tasks:

Exciting? Exciting!

I don’t know much about psychology, but I have heard that people on the internet see a call-to-arms like this and say “I’m sure someone else better qualified will step up, maybe even hundreds of them… I’ll just let them take care of it.”  I have news for you, people on the internet are lazy!  Oh, so lazy!  (I am reasonably confident that won’t happen.  If it does happen, I will find enough work for everyone to do while I retire to a life of luxury funded by my ability to inexplicably motivate large swathes of the internet to do my bidding.)

Important steps!

  1. Get yourself a copy of the comm-central codebase.
  2. Build thunderbird! (Actually, that above link covers it, but you might also want to check out the general building info page.)
  3. Dance a victory jig!
  4. Leave a note on one of those bugs saying that you are interested.  Or just e-mail me at!