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teaser: Rich contextual information for Thunderbird mozmill failures

Sometimes Thunderbird mozmill unit tests fail.  When they do, it’s frequently a mystery.  My logsploder work helped reduce the mystery for my local mozmill test runs, but did nothing for tinderbox runs or developers without tool fever.  Thanks to recent renewed activity on the Thunderbird front-end, this has become more of a problem and so […]

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Thunderbuddy: Weave-synchronized Thunderbird contacts on Android

I got my first modern Android phone at the end of last week and I figured it would be a good idea to get over the activation energy hump so it’s easy to do incremental mozilla hacking on it.  Thanks to a lot of work by other people, this turned out to be pretty easy.  […]

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Documentation for complex things (you don’t basically already understand)

The Problem One of my focuses at MoMo is to improve the plight of Thunderbird extension developers.  An important aspect of this is improving the platform they are exposed to.  Any platform usually entails a fair amount of complexity.  The trick is that you only pay for the things that are new-to-you, learning-wise. The ‘web’ […]

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Thunderbird Quick Filter Bar extensions, they’re a thing!

The previously discussed Quick Filter Bar interface landed in time for Thunderbird (Lanikai) 3.1 beta 2 (whose release is real-soon-now).  Although the Quick Filter Bar already contains dangerously high levels of awesome, we made sure to make it extensible so you can cram even more awesome in. As an example, I have created an extension […]

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work-in-progress tooling: feeding GWT SpeedTracer systemtapped mozilla performance data

Now that Thunderbird 3.1 is string/feature-frozen it’s time to focus on performance.  This post is just to make sure that people who are also working on similar things know what I’m up to.  For example, there’s some very exciting work going on involving adding a startup timeline to mozilla-central that everyone keeping up-to-date with mozilla […]

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performance annotated SQLite EXPLAINation visualizations using systemtap

For the Thunderbird 3.1 release cycle we are not just fixing UX problems but also resolving various performance issues.  Building on my previous work on a visualization of SQLite opcode control flow graphs using graphviz I give you… the same thing!  But updated to more recent versions of SQLite and integrating performance information retrieved through […]

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more systemtap mozilla event loop awareness

====================                                             ms    # —– Event Loop: nsInputStreamReadyEvent                                      7119   11 —– Input Events: nsInputStreamPump                                            7119   11 —– Pump Events: thunk:nsNNTPProtocol::QueryInterface(…)                    7119   11 ====================                                             ms    # —– Event Loop: nsInputStreamReadyEvent                                      6284   15 nsTimerEvent                                                  242  123 —– Timers: nsUITimerCallback                                             121    2 —– Input Events: nsInputStreamPump                                            6284   15 —– Pump Events: thunk:nsNNTPProtocol::QueryInterface(…)                    6283   15 As of late, I’ve noticed […]

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Thunderbird ĝLȬdÅ full text search tokenizer now supports accent folding, non-ASCII case-folding, and more!

Thanks to the efforts of Makoto Kato (jp-blog en-blog twitter) whom you may remember as the bringer of CJK bi-gram tokenization, I have just pushed tokenizer support for case-folding, accent-folding, and voiced sound mark magic to comm-central.  The net result is that searches for “ĝLȬdÅ” will now find “gloda” and vice versa.  Less crazy searches […]

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Thunderbird Message Filter Bar Prototype Extension, check it.

What was just the quick-search box in Thunderbird 2 is now also the home to global search in Thunderbird 3.  This hasn’t turned out splendidly, although we didn’t expect that it would.  Some people think quick-search is gone because they do not realize you can change the modes of the search box.  Other people are […]


Thunderbird Jetpack Teasers: Custom tab with wmsy contents

Example jetpack source here because it’s too much to inline.

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