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logsploder, circa a year+ ago

Whoops.  I posted to about an updated version of logsploder at the end of 2009, but forgot to blog about it.  I do so now (briefly) for my own retrospective interest and those who like cropped screenshots. The gloda (global database) tests and various Thunderbird mozmill tests have been augmented for some time (1+ […]

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LogSploder, logsploding its way to your logs soon! also, logsplosion!

In our last logging adventure, we hooked Log4Moz up to Chainsaw.  As great as Chainsaw is, it did not meet all of my needs, least of all easy redistribution.  So I present another project in a long line of fantastically named projects… LogSploder! The general setup is this: log4moz with a concept of “contexts”, a […]

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Log4Moz and Chainsaw (via new XMLFormatter/SocketAppender)

Log4Moz, the premier mozilla-centric javascript logging framework has just gotten more… premier. By hooking Log4Moz up to Chainsaw, Apache log4j’s pretty UI, we get a UI with some powerful features.  Namely, you can filter based on message text (using a regex even), level, source, etc.  Also, you can colorize the entries using the same expression […]

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