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test-case-mode support for jetpack unit tests in emacs

Use Jetpack?  Occasionally write unit tests so you won’t be a complete hypocrite when criticizing other people’s code?  Think that picture up above looks more useful than this?: error: fail: list contents (“4,5,6,7” != “3,4,5,6,7”) info: Traceback (most recent call last): File “resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/timer.js”, line 57, in notify this._callback.apply(null, []); File “resource://wmsy-jetpack-core-lib/unit-test.js”, line 257, in anonymous […]

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ediosk: an emacs buffer switcher for the rest of us

Emacs users and would-be emacs users, are you tired of those emacs developers in their ivory towers not supporting buffer switching via touch-screen on a computer that’s not running emacs and using modern web browser technology instead of disproven parentheses-based technology?  Be tired no more!* Thanks to Christopher Wellons and Chunye Wang’s work on emacs-httpd […]

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understanding where layout goes wrong with gecko reflow debug logs (Part 1)

HTML and CSS provide awesome layout potential, but harnessing that potential to do your bidding can sometimes be problematic.  I suspect all people who have written HTML documents have been in a situation where they have randomly permuted the document structure and CSS of something that should work in the hopes of evolving it into […]

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Thunderbird Quick Filter Bar extensions, they’re a thing!

The previously discussed Quick Filter Bar interface landed in time for Thunderbird (Lanikai) 3.1 beta 2 (whose release is real-soon-now).  Although the Quick Filter Bar already contains dangerously high levels of awesome, we made sure to make it extensible so you can cram even more awesome in. As an example, I have created an extension […]

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Tinderbox results in bugzilla, jetpack times 2, CouchDB, review board

mstange‘s Tinderboxpushlog is awesome.  You know it, I know it, the many people whose sanity has been saved by it know it.  It is a fantastic improvement on checking the tinderbox; it lets you know the current state of the tree, the recent history of the tree, and how these things are correlated with recent […]

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Review Board and Bugzilla reviews, take 3

I’ve updated my review board setup once more (part 2, part 1).  The low barrier to entry is now even lower.  “How low?”, you might ask.  “On the ground!”, I might say.  “What other low low price features with big big value are on offer? With more facts and less spiel?”, you might then also […]

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Thunderbird Jetpack Teasers: Custom tab with wmsy contents

Example jetpack source here because it’s too much to inline.

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Thunderbird Jetpack Teasers: Words per Minute in Compose

jetpack.future.import("thunderbird.compose"); jetpack.thunderbird.compose.appendComposePanel({ onReady: function (panel, composeContext) { let doc = panel.contentDocument; let msgNode = $("<span />", doc.body).appendTo(doc.body);   let started =; setInterval(function() { let words = composeContext.getPlaintextContents().split(/\s+/); let secs = Math.ceil(( – started) / 1000); let wordsPerMinute = Math.floor((words.length * 60) / secs); msgNode.text(wordsPerMinute + " words per minute."); }, 1000);; }, […]

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Thunderbird Jetpack messageDisplay.overrideMessageDisplay fun.

As part of our goal to make it easy to write extensions for Thunderbird 3, we’ve been working on getting Jetpack running under Thunderbird and exposing Thunderbird-specific points. This is all experimental, but it’s having good results. The first example replaces the message you get from twitter when someone follows you and instead shows you […]

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