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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

Someone created a Thread Arc vis for Thunderbird!

Alexander C. Hubmann-Haidvogel has created a Thread Arc visualization extension for Thunderbird!  Get info on the extension with some pretty pictures or just go straight for the extension at AMO.  Thanks to David Ascher for the heads up.

pecobro, the tell-you-who-reads/writes-what performance code browser

No cool pictures, but I’ve enhanced and exposed the global reader/writer understanding of javascript code.  In other words, pecobro now does a passable job at telling you what global variables a given javascript file reads from/writes to, and who else writes to/reads from those variables.  False negatives are expected (don’t rely on things to be […]


master control pecobro, the overkill performance code browser

The title isn’t true yet, but it’s disturbingly almost-true.  Pecobro’s hackish underpinnings have been “accidentally” replaced with surprisingly forward-looking code capable of supporting a much fancier feature set.  (I didn’t mean to, but I got tricked because the incremental cost to doing the ‘right thing’ was always so low.) The trace that you can see […]

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