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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

gloda’s first (primitive) visualization

A primitive visualization augments the gloda “other messages by author” listing by showing the messages sent by the author over time.  Messages are stacked by day.  The currently selected message is in darkest blue and also very wide.  Other messages from the same thread/conversation are in lighter blue and less wide.  Messages not in the […]

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gloda milestone 1

I am declaring milestone 1 of gloda (the global database extension for Thunderbird 3.x) / expmess (the experimental message view extension for Thunderbird 3.x) reached.  Milestone 1 basically consists of: It statically indexes all of your folders.  It does not track changes made to your mailboxes.  It will become confused and angry as time goes […]

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thunderbird global database m1-ish

The ‘gloda’ (global database) and ‘expmess’ (experimental message view) Thunderbird extensions are nearly to milestone 1… The screenshot scenario is that we have 2 months of apache-dev archives in two separate folders, July and August.  We have a message selected in the month of July, yet the ‘data mine’ to the right is able to […]

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