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Using VMWare Record/Replay and VProbes for low time-distortion performance profiling

The greatest problem with performance profiling is getting as much information as possible while affecting the results as little as possible.  For my work on pecobro I used mozilla’s JavaScript DTrace probes.  Because the probes are limited to notifications of all function invocations/returns with no discretion and there is no support for JS backtraces, the […]

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dxrpy with references against mailnews, plus bespin wishes

bsmedberg‘s dxrpy likes to generate documentation using dehydra (bsmedberg’s blog posts on this: 1 2).  I have added support for references/referencedBy extraction and otherwise wailed on it a little bit, and run this against JUST comm-central’s mailnews/ directory.  The collection process is still strictly serial, and there’s a lot of stuff in mozilla-central/comm-central, which is […]

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pecobro, the tell-you-who-reads/writes-what performance code browser

No cool pictures, but I’ve enhanced and exposed the global reader/writer understanding of javascript code.  In other words, pecobro now does a passable job at telling you what global variables a given javascript file reads from/writes to, and who else writes to/reads from those variables.  False negatives are expected (don’t rely on things to be […]

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master control pecobro, the overkill performance code browser

The title isn’t true yet, but it’s disturbingly almost-true.  Pecobro’s hackish underpinnings have been “accidentally” replaced with surprisingly forward-looking code capable of supporting a much fancier feature set.  (I didn’t mean to, but I got tricked because the incremental cost to doing the ‘right thing’ was always so low.) The trace that you can see […]

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pecobro: the performance code browser (early stage)

At the beginning of last week, I had gotten dtrace working on a Mac Mini using the Mozilla javascript-provider probes.  Very cool stuff, but it left me with several questions about what would really be best to do next: How do I best understand what I’m seeing?  (Most of the codebase is brand new to […]

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