who is starring Firefox tinderbox failures and how long before they do?

Using the accumulated data in my CouchDB instance about the Firefox tinderbox and Protovis, we can see how long it takes before a testfailed/busted build gets starred and who stars it.  The horizontal axis is the number of minutes between the end of the build and when it gets starred.  If someone stars the build before it finishes running, a negative number is possible.  The vertical axis is a double-height histogram, which is to say the scaling is percentage based and don’t try to infer absolute numbers.  Colors tell us who did the starring.

The winner is philor.  I knew that going in, I just wanted to see it.  Thank you for reducing the pain of dealing with the tree!

3 thoughts on “who is starring Firefox tinderbox failures and how long before they do?

  1. Maybe he’s better off not knowing, but since he asks, let’s tell him: curiosity is no vice (notwithstanding Eve and the fruit) it’s what separates man from brutes.

    OK, well, Thomas, see for instance http://tinderbox.mozilla.org/showbuilds.cgi?tree=Firefox which shows all the latest Firefox build events, and whether they are “building” (yellow), “success” (green), “testfailed” (orange) or “busted” (red with black-and-flames title). When someone makes a comment about a build, a link to the comment appears in the shape of a star inside the corresponding coloured box, next to the “L” link which gives access to the build’s log.

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