emacs compilation-mode support for reviewboard

Let’s say you’ve suckered someone into performing their review in my review board install (more info).  It looks pretty, no?  As the Amish say: ‘Tis a fine web page, but sure ’tis no emacs buffer, English.

Get your reviewboard-viewer.el here (repo here).  It basically just wgets the review with paths in a format the GNU regex will recognize and tells the temporary file to be a compilation-mode buffer with a little help in setting up the file search path.  There are instructions in the file, but the key non-intuitive things that are going to trip you up:

  • You really want to invoke reviewboard-viewer-view-review from a dired buffer showing the root directory of what the patch is against.  This lets us set up the search path to be exactly correct with no heuristics.
  • The argument the above wants is the id that you will see in the “bugzilla-style export” link on the review page.  For example, I had to type the number 72 above.

Other notes to people who are interested/care:

  • There was a dumb bug in the bugzilla export code involving caching.  Previous bugzilla exports likely only showed the selected hunk for the first comment on the file.  I fixed this.
  • OpenID snafus:
    • Weave OpenID support via the Accout Manager doesn’t work.  (Account Manager is where it got refactored to after it got dropped from Weave core).  I feel like it worked recently with 0.0.2, but just now when I tried (with 0.0.2) it pretended it was going to work and then failed to do so.  When I upgraded to 0.0.10 it decided to not even do that.  This is sad because Weave was the whole reason I went with OpenID; I wanted to make it easier than creating another throwaway account for people.
    • I hear that whatever Google OpenID-ish thing exists, it apparently does not work either.  This was not surprising since it was my understanding Google made their implementation correct but not interoperable without some extra work.
    • Verisign’s freebie OpenID thing does work!
    • If someone knows of a django auth-compatible OpenID/OAuth/whatever implementation that will at least fix the Google situation and requires practically no work on my part, I would be happy to change to using that.  Right now I am using django-openid-auth which is old but works.  My reviewboard repo is here if you are feeling especially generous about fixing things.

2 thoughts on “emacs compilation-mode support for reviewboard

  1. And for those of us who prefer Vim, there’s http://bwinton.latte.ca/Programming/thunderbird/rb-vim.zip

    It’s really simple for now, but you can fold the comments, and “gf” goes to the correct file and line.

    (And I’m thinking that I might add some more advanced features, like letting the user input a review request number, and allowing them to choose which review they would like to load, or just asking them for the review number first, instead of forcing them to pass it in as a parameter.)


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