thunderbird global database m1-ish

The ‘gloda’ (global database) and ‘expmess’ (experimental message view) Thunderbird extensions are nearly to milestone 1…

Thunderbird with gloda/expmess plugins m1-ish installed

The screenshot scenario is that we have 2 months of apache-dev archives in two separate folders, July and August.  We have a message selected in the month of July, yet the ‘data mine’ to the right is able to show the messages in the thread spanning both months (and therefore folders), as well as showing all the other messages sent by the author spanning both months (and therefore folders).

I’ll post again with some links and what not once I hit the actual milestone 1.  Be aware that every-day usability is targeted for milestone 3, but that should still happen pre-summit.

4 thoughts on “thunderbird global database m1-ish

  1. Indeed. The idea is to provide a common global database interface so that extensions such as seek can build new and useful interfaces on the common implementation, rather than having to roll their own every time.

    ‘expmess’ is the first step to improving the built-in views, and right now is showing the lowest hanging fruit available from the extracted global database information. The other-messages-by-this-author is basically an (automatically selected) single facet that Seek is able to present…

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