gloda’s first (primitive) visualization

Author activity over time, current thread in blue, selected message in darkest blue.

A primitive visualization augments the gloda “other messages by author” listing by showing the messages sent by the author over time.  Messages are stacked by day.  The currently selected message is in darkest blue and also very wide.  Other messages from the same thread/conversation are in lighter blue and less wide.  Messages not in the conversation are light grey and rather narrow.

It’s not clickable, it lacks any form of scale or any feedback at all, and there are scaling issues.  (If anyone wants to save me the effort of figuring out how to get the canvas to maintain a 1:1 pixel mapping to the actual display and still ‘flex’ by adding/losing pixels, please do drop me a message or leave a comment.)  These will all change, but not yet.

I’ve pushed the changes to the mercurial repos and updated the stable tag, but I’m not publishing updated xpi’s, so you’ll need to roll your own if you care.  (The DB schema has not changed and so does not need to be blown away.)