Using BugXhibit to find that bug you know you saw recently but can’t find


BugXhibit, the Bugzilla search results viewer made with the SIMILE Exhibit widget, is now more fancy, and now addresses another one of my use cases.  I frequently find myself wanting to point someone at a bug, or go back to a bug that I know passed through my bugmail recently, and have trouble finding it.  So now BugXhibit can do easy searches based on reporter/assignee/cc/commenter with time ranges.

Examples by way of live links this time (noting that the default time interval is 7 days).  Uh, and if it gives you an error for reasons I don’t fully understand if you open it in a new tab (in the background) from here, just hitting enter in the address bar should fix it.  I’m going to lazyweb that problem for now.

Other changes:

  • It now is also self documenting, just click on “Show Docs” on the page.
  • You can now use arguments to specify the sort and whether grouping is active on the page.
  • The date parsing is better.  Bugzilla doesn’t provide the raw dates but attempts to change things based on how recent the date is.  BugXhibit does a good job of fixing up the date if you are in the same timezone as the bugzilla server, and a less good but acceptable job if you aren’t.
  • Upgraded to exhibit 2.1.0 and now the numeric sliders with histograms work for me.  Woo!

Other notes:

The hg repo is here, as always.

5 thoughts on “Using BugXhibit to find that bug you know you saw recently but can’t find

  1. Havvy, I suggest trying to refresh the page and see if it happens then, or try a different query? The error handling from Exhibit, at least the way I am using it, is sadly not indicative of the underlying problem.

  2. Right, and if you refresh the page in Firefox (either via the refresh button or hitting enter in the address bar), does it work then?

  3. So, uh, the problem was I had a firebug-style “console.log” in there that I had forgotten about. Very sad and very foolish. Fixed now!

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