chroniquery does useful things!

Before pecobro, there was chroniquery (shiny, also shiny, texty), a python binding for roc‘s chronicle-recorder omega-debugger.  Now, there is still chroniquery.  It just does more stuff, and does the stuff it previously did more correctly.

In any event, what the awesome ‘screenshot’ (it’s from a console…) shows:

  • A trace from running chronicle-recorder against xpcshell on amd64 running a gloda unit test.
  • Javascript being ‘traced’ with extraction of the function name, script, and line number… everything you’d expect from your dtrace probes or your JSD hooks/venkman/firebug…
  • Hm… it seems to know something about an XPConnect call going down…
  • Oh noes!  It has escaped into the C++ codes!

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